10 things to do and see in Favignana

In the age of short holidays, of real-time sharing and experiences, recommending the 10 must-do and/or must-not-miss things in Favignana is difficult. Favignana island must be lived slowly and intimately and it can be in contrast with present-day types of tourism. For this reason our advice list is “open”. The 10 things we recommend in Favignana are to be interpreted and measured according to your tastes, your available time and time of year.

Favignana è un’isola difficile da raccontare. C’è sempre il rischio di dimenticare qualcosa. Ancora peggio se devi consigliare le cose da fare e da vedere. Gli spunti che offre l’isola sono infatti davvero tanti, diversi per ciascun periodo dell’anno, sulla terra ferma e sott’acqua, da soli o in compagnia. 

Abbiamo cercato di selezionare l’essenziale, il fortemente consigliato. 10 cose da fare e da vedere che raramente si riesce a fare in una sola vacanza a Favignana. Ecco perché, 9 casi su 10, Favignana si visita più di una volta. E non sono rari i casi di “dipendenza”. Sono sempre di più i visitatori che, una volta conosciuta e apprezzata Favignana, l’hanno eletta a meta principale delle proprie vacanze, tornandovi ogni anno e anche più volte all’anno. 

Favignana is an island difficult to tell. You can always forget something. It is very hard to recommend what to do and see. Suggestions can be so many and different, from the mainland to underwater, alone or in group.

We have tried to select what can be highly recommended. 10 things to do and see that is rarely possible to do in one holiday. That is why Favignana is visited more than once in 9 out of 10 cases. There are also some cases of Favignana “addiction”. More and more visitors have chosen Favignana as perfect destination for their holiday, coming back every year and also several times a year

Here our best advice for your holiday in Favignana:

  • Eat and cook in Favignana
  • Get lost among Favignana's paths
  • Swim at the most beautiful beaches
  • Boat trip around Favignana
  • Get around Favignana by bike or scooter
  • Snorkeling and Diving in Favignana
  • Visit the former Florio Tuna Factory of Favignana
  • Visit St. Catherine's Castle
  • Visit the hypogean gardens of Villa Margherita
  • Visit the other two islands, Levanzo and Marettimo

Today a holiday is really complete if you can taste typical dishes to discover local cooking and local products. Favignana can be considered as an amusement park, the reign of Mediterranean cooking, fresh fish, typical Sicilian food. There are historical, geographical and cultural reasons that confirm Favignana's record.

  • It is an island which was always inhabited by different populations who contributed with their traditions to enrich the local heritage
  • It is an island which looks at Trapani, Marsala, Erice and “changes' ' their own food & wine traditions with these territories. That is why Favignana's cooking can be considered an excellence of Trapani's and Western Sicily cooking.
  • It is an island which has to save resources, recycling and regenerating, using what the island naturally provides: from capers to rosemary, from bluefish (sardines, mackerels, lampuga fish) to tuna fish (with all its varieties), from sheep ricotta cheese to herbal liqueur made in Favignana.

Some of the most appreciated dishes and receipts are the fish couscous (with some local varieties), the “frascatole” (a type of pasta), spaghetti with sea urchin eggs, with limpets or with lambster, Beccafico sardines (sardines rolls with breadcrumbs, pine nuts and raisins) or pasta with sardines, the Pane Cunzato (bread with oil, salt, oregano).

In Aegadian cooking, tuna dishes are a must such as tuna balls, spaghetti with bottarga (salty tuna eggs), tuna in sweet and sour sauce, fried or salted “lattume” and more recently the tuna Kebab.

Among the best known desserts you can taste “cassatelle” filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate shaves (according to Trapani and its surroundings tradition), “cassata Siciliana” and the traditional cannoli which some old women continue to prepare home-made (like the famous Mrs. Clara).

How can you savour these delicacies? You should just taste it. You can follow our staff's advice about the best restaurants on the island. You can also:

  • Cooking class organised on request
  • Happy hour at sunset in one of our recommended location
  • Experience the best food on the island, trying among several restaurants
  • Favignana's street food, especially for tuna fish lovers
  • Go by boat with fishermen and have lunch with them eating fresh fish.

Would you like to taste the real Sicilian food in Favignana?


Would you like to taste the real Sicilian food in Favignana?

The first residential settlement dates back to 1600. The old town develops around St. Anne district, in the north-central area of the island. Today most streets and paths are paved with “balate”, stones from an area at the slope of Monte Erice.

The village has three squares: piazza Marina (ex Camparia), piazza Europa and piazza Madrice, connected by the main street where you can have a walk at night. Piazza Camparia, now Marina, with Palazzo dei Parodi and the adjacent St. Anthony Church is the heart of working life concerning  fishing activities. Piazza Europa is where the Municipal building and Ignazio Florio statue is situated. Piazza Matrice is where the parish church is situated.

Taking a walk through the alleys and lanes is a suggestive experience, especially when the island is not too crowded. It seems you go back in time and, with a bit of imagination, you may see fishermen working to their nets, dirty quarry workers who get home at sunset with women who work at Florio factory.

Would you like to get lost through Favigna's alleys?

Favignana is especially sea. Its sea is amazing and breathtaking and it can often be “addictive”. Visiting Favignana means to discover its 33 km of coastline. You can find wonderful beaches, bays and coves where you can swim, admire the sunset and explore small coves and hidden corners.

Because of its geomorphological shape, you will find both beaches and caves. It is the perfect destination for snorkelling lovers. You will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily: here is a short list. 

Cala Rossa

Cala Rossa is the beach that makes Favignana so special. No wonder that it is classified as one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. It is accessible on foot and boat. The walking route is not so simple, but if you have the right shoes and you are careful you will get it. 

Cala Azzurra

Cala Azzurra is simple to reach and it is also suitable for children. It is characterised by its shallow water and white sand with pink shades. It is easily reached from the village. 

Cala Rotonda

At Cala Rotonda there is a cave divers love a lot. It is 8 metres deep and about 30 km long. At the end of the diving you will get an hole. It is recommended for families with children and couples for a romantic moment at sunset.

Bue Marino

Not far away from Cala Rossa, there is a  rocky beach you can reach through one of the most beautiful paths of the island. It is situated in a tuff extraction area and it is full of ravines and small caves to visit. It is suitable for dive lovers.

Lido Burrone

Lido Burrone is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is a sandy beach situated near the centre of Favignana. It is characterised by its white sand and shallow water. For this reason it is suitable for children.  

Cala Grande

This beach can be only reached on foot following the paths for Punta Sottile lighthouse. It is characterised by small creeks and sandy beaches surrounded by crystal water.

Cala Faraglioni

An arduous walking path will lead you to this beautiful rocky beach which is protected by a natural wall. There you will explore amazing sea caves.


Calamoni is a stretch of coast where there are both flat rocks and small beaches. It is situated on the coastline from Punta Lunga to Lido Burrone. It is particularly recommended for a fast and regenerating swim. 

Spiaggia Puntazza

It is a thin strip of land characterised by rocks and wonderful water. The beach is situated at Punta Longa and it can only be reached on foot.

Grotta Perciata

“Grotta perciata” means “perforated cave”. It is a top-open cave where water penetrates from an arch in the rock resulting in a natural pool.

Cala Monaci and Marasolo Beach

Small and suggestive cove with thin sandy beach, in a panoramic zone. It is suitable for families with children.

Cala del Pozzo

Bay with rocks and beaches far 50 / 200 metres apart from each other. Perhaps it is one of the wildest areas on the island. It is suitable for those who look for privacy. It is amazing at sunset when the sun disappears behind Marettimo island.

Scala Cavallo

This suggestive cove is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea and it is protected by a rocky wall with a wonderful tuff cave as an imposing rocky cathedral. It can be easily visited without difficulties. It is also ideal for dive lovers.

Would you like to explore the most beautiful beaches in Favignana?

Favignana is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, with Lampedusa (also in Sicily) and Formentera ( Balearic, in Spain). So you cannot miss a boat trip to admire suggestive and unforgettable landscapes all the year. 

There are several types of boat which allow you to go around the island. You can choose among sailboat, motor boat and typical fishing boat. There also other options such as yacht and ketch. If you want to be independent you can also rent a motor boat (especially rubber dinghies with or without licence). 

Yet be careful! Favignana sea is safeguarded  by Marine protected area of Egadi Islands. It is the largest Marine area in Europe. Therefore there are several  limitations and  prohibitions. We suggest reading up and ask about it. You can visit the website: http://www.ampisoleegadi.it/ 

Our staff can suggest and book the best solution for you, including an exclusive boat trip, by fishing boat or sailboat.

Would you like to take a boat trip in Favignana?

Favignana is very suitable for cycling. It is a small island, it has a perimeter of 33 km and offers everything cycle tourists need. It is a pearl not only for its sea, its traditions and its food but also for those who look for an active holiday in contact with nature. 

With 20 km of cycle paths, Favignana has the record to be the most loved island by cycle tourists from all over the world. 

Discovering hidden and untouched corners is one of the best pleasures of the holiday. It is most exciting if you find your own place by bike. It allows you to be independent and discover the island on your own. Getting around Favignana by bike is also a green solution for several reasons: it is cheap, there is a lot of availability, and most of the paths and roads are flat.

Favignana is the perfect island to live by bike. You can realise it when you go ashore since you meet a lot of visitors and inhabitants getting around by bike. Cycle tourists will find paved roads (the main roads are well illuminated) and few dirt tracks. You can get around Favignana by bike and go to the most amazing and famous beaches. 

Thanks to our strategic location our guests can visit both sides of the island and  easily get the suggestive fishermen village of Punta Lunga. 

Our staff will recommend and book your rental bike (also e-bike with pedal-assisted).

Would you like to get around Favignana by bike?

Further information

Every year several snorkelling and diving lovers decide to spend their holiday in Sicily and Favignana. Here there are more than 50 dive sites among caves, underwater walls, shoals, canyons, archaeological sites and wreckages. The most popular site is Galeotta where you can admire several schools of fishes. Another site is the cave in Cala Rotonda, it is also ideal for beginners. 

The common characteristic of these sites is a wide variety of species (biodiversity) and bright colours of gorgonians, sponges and parazoanthus and other many species living in this wonderful habitat. 

It is an important natural heritage, safeguarded by the Marine Protected Area of Egadi Island, the largest in Europe. 

Our staff can suggest and book scuba diving lessons thanks to our collaboration with SUBBAQQUERIA Diving Centre, a few minutes from La Casa dell'Arancio (in Punta Lunga village).

Would you like to dive in Favignana?

If you are in Favignana you cannot miss to visit the former Florio Tuna Factory of Favignana . It is a real journey into the past in order to know the “tonnara” and understand how important it was for the island's development. 

The former Florio tuna factory is one of the biggest “tonnara” (tuna fish factory) in the Mediterranean Sea. It is 32 thousand square metres and it is an important example of industrial archaeology. 

The word “Tonnara” means a set of particular nets used for red tuna fishing. The same word is used in Italian to indicate the place where “mattanza” (the last part of tuna fishing) is practised. It is an elaborate and age-old Phoenician technique for trapping and catching red tuna that was learned and taken to areas such as Spain, Sardinia and Sicily during Islamic period.


The Florio family rented the “tonnara” of Favignana from the Pallavicini family of Genoa in 1841. After buying the islands of Favignana and Formica and acquiring fishing rights in 1874, Ignazio Florio called upon the architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda in order to expand and renovate the building. The extended building was not only a place where fishing equipment, anchors and “mattanza” boats were kept but it was also a place for a cultural and economic relaunch by which a lot of islanders had a source of income. 

Florio introduced a new method for conservation of tuna in oil (olive oil from Erice hills, Trapani, Marsala and Castelvetrano). Cut into pieces, tuna was cooked in 24 large boilers (still visible today) and then  it was dried.  Another large room was devoted to work cans by using machines and welding machines. After many decades, the plant was renovated and recovered. 


  • April and May: from 10:00 to 14:00
  • June and October: from 10:00 to 17:00
  • From July to September: from 10:00 to 13:30 | from 17:00 to 23:00 


  • Adult: 6,00 €
  • Free for under 18 years old


St Catherine's Fortress, best known as St. Catherine's Castle, overlooks Favignana and it can be seen from Trapani and Erice. You cannot miss to visit this old building on the top of Saint Catherine Mount at 310 metres above sea level. As one goes up, you will enjoy an amazing view on Egadi Islands and Western Sicily coastline. 

In the 9th century, the Saracens built a defensive tower on the top of the mountain, and the Normans changed it into a fort. It was enlarged by the lord of Favignana Andrea Riccio in 15th century. During Bourbon rule it was used as a prison and then as refuge for soldiers. It was abandoned last century. 

Here it seems time has stopped at the end of World War II. It is possible to see traces of the presence of soldiers. 

The visit is free. You can visit all the buildings from the basement to the terrace. Once there was a chapel dedicated to St. Catherine and then used as a prison by Bourbons. Be careful not to go alone and at night.

Would you like to visit St. Catherine's Fort in Favignana?

Hypogean gardens are typical of Favignana. They have been obtained by transforming the old tuff quarries into gardens. These quarries produced a valuable tuff  and then they were abandoned. 

Favignana has a lot of these gardens. Some host Mediterranean scrub, different types of vegetation, fruit trees and prickly pears. Some are not spontaneous, man has changed disused quarries into beautiful gardens. 

The best example is that of Villa Margherita and its creator, Maria Gabriella Campo. She describes Favignana as “a barren island, with little Mediterranean vegetation”. For this reason she started to plant 30,000 metres square in a desert area, around  some disused tuff quarries. 

Maria Gabriella is a quarry worker's daughter. She started some reclaim measures to change a disused tuff quarry into a wonderful garden . There are several species she has taken from her journey in Italy and abroad. Despite someone thinking it would be impossible, Gabriella managed to realise her dream and create a garden in a barren land. For this reason, this garden has been named “ Impossible Garden”. 

Villa Margherita Gardens offer an unforgettable and amazing experience through arcades and caves, suggestive views and traces of different cutting systems. Today these wonderful gardens are in an area of 35,000 metres square with 300 different species and varieties from all over the world. 


  • Opening: every day (from May to October)
  • Reservation: required
  • Visit: 2 hours and 30 minutes on foot
  • For info and booking: +39 389 8048028 - info@villamargherita.it

Would you like to visit Villa Margherita and the hypogean gardens?

If you spend your holiday in Favignana you cannot miss to visit Levanzo and Marettimo. If you do not go you will regret.

If you are in Favignana, visiting the other two islands is very easy. You can reach them by hydrofoil or ferry (15 minutes to Levanzo and 40 minutes to Marettimo) or by personalised boat trip. 

You can spend a day in Levanzo, visiting Grotta del Genovese in the morning and having a swim in some of the most beautiful coves, Cala Minnola and Cala Fredda, in the afternoon. 

You can do the same in Marettimo, spending your day on a boat trip to admire its caves.

Would you like to visit Levanzo and Marettimo Islands?

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